Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl

All season long, a group of us have been getting together to watch the Colts games. Although I am not a huge football fan, I think at this point I have switched my loyalty to the Colts (sorry Steelers fan family members). We got together with friends in Seattle to watch some games too, so I've been paying attention to them for a while now plus it's nice to have something that brings the city together so much.

We were definitely disappointed and I must say shocked by the outcome last Sunday, but all in all we had a good time (until the last few minutes of the game at least). Even Oliver hung around the whole game, undeterred by the two toddlers running around. We definitely found the social cat we were hoping for (he's sitting on my lap as I type this). We rearranged the living room for the event to make sure everyone could see the game, and we of course had inappropriate amounts of delicious snack-y food.

An important play no doubt

Who let Kerns hold Ava?

Ramona in her new Colts shirt

The food spread

my horseshoe cookies which were delicious but not lucky