Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best of Indy (part 1)

This very well may end up being an ongoing post subject, but I thought I'd take the time to post a few of my favorite things in Indy. This list is subject to change as I try new restaurants (yea!).

Best Coffee
Hubbard and Cravens: The atmosphere of the Monon Coffee Company is better, but H&C's coffee is definitely the best in the city. They are a little snobby about it but with good reason. I've never actually been to their Pennsylvania Street location, but the Broad Ripple one seems like a good place to hang out and get some work done. For whole bean coffee, I also like Harvest Cafe Coffee (Farm Fresh Delivery brings it to my door!).

Best Mediterranean
This category has a number of entries because Indy has a lot of good mediterranean food. Best hummus: Khoury's for sure. Best spanakopita (perhaps my favorite Greek item): Hella's Cafe (watch out for belly dancers on weekends). Best gyros: definitely Sam's Gyros. The best buffet goes to Mediterrano (seriously this place is awesome). Great all-around: Santorini (Greek) and The Bosphorus (Turkish, we just ate their last night, and their zucchini pancake appetizer is super yummy).

Best Sushi
I think the nod goes to the relatively new Tomo. It's in a shopping center that includes a Walmart and is located right next to a tanning establishment, but somehow they overcome that. After you walk through the door, you instantly forget that they are located in a cheesy shopping center. Their presentation is amazing, and the volcano roll is like sushi crack. Honorable Mention: H20.

Best Indian
Most definitely Shalimar.

Best Italian
Ambrosia is my pick for the tastiest and most authentic Italian in the city.

Best Burger
Boogie Burger has the tastiest burger in the city (their onion rings kick ass too). Also worth mentioning 96th Street Steakburgers (also available in the Indy airport), Traders Point Creamery (Zionsville) and Bub's (Carmel).

Best Pizza
Pizzology in Carmel is the best overall (though I must confess that I haven't tried Napolese yet), but for delivery, WB Pizza wins. They don't do anything too fancy (though they have a nice selection of toppings including sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto, and broccoli), but it's just damn tasty.

Best Milkshake (in the world)
Seriously, the chocolate milkshake at Traders Point Creamery (made with chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream) is not just the best milkshake in Indy or the Midwest, it's the best milkshake in the world.