Friday, July 8, 2011


So, we've been slacking about posting pictures of the new house....partly because we didn't have our stuff yet. With our stuff finally moved out of a warehouse in Indianapolis and theoretically moving westward, I am finally motivated to post some pictures of our partially furnished house.
Our bedroom with our 1950s/60s bedroom set
The Hallway (check out our kickass floors!)
Our elevated an seemingly small oven
Our 80s-tastic mirror by the front door
In lieu of having lots of personal belongings, I have been spending time on Etsy and the West Seattle Antique Mall shopping for 1960s glasses. We have this glass cabinet that needs cool glasses on display. I found amazing Seattle World's Fair Glasses on Etsy (set of 4, apparently, there are 8 of them total...hmmmm...). I found some more cool glasses and pretty turquoise bowl at the West Seattle Antique Mall.
Seattle Worlds Fair Glasses
The glass cabinet in all its glory
Indiana and Yellowstone glasses
Indiana is known for....wait for it...a turnpike!

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's good to know that you can drive from Jackson to Seattle in one day

We have a history of running out of patience towards the end of our drives, so it's not a major surprise that we decided to go straight from Jackson Hole to Seattle on Sunday. We didn't leave super early either, hitting the road about 9:30 am. We got to our new house just after 11 pm. Ramona was not amused for the last few hours of the ride standing up and giving us dirty looks periodically. But when we got to the new house, she seemed to know right away that she was home!

In Wyoming

Really guys? Still in the car?

Since then, we've been visiting with friends, exploring the woods behind our house, hitting IKEA, ordering a new couch, buying a used elliptical (to help balance out the dangerously delicious Bakery Nouveau).

Our IKEA-furnished living room

The woods behind our house