Friday, September 13, 2013

Crater Laking

Although unplanned (because neither Andy or I can successfully remember our anniversary), we headed to Crater Lake for our 6th anniversary with friends.  We hiked, took a boat tour around the lake, watched the meteor shower (which apparently always falls on or around our anniversary!), played some euchre and cards against humanity.  All in all, it was a great weekend (except that in our two games of euchre, no team made it in the barn, which is my favorite part of the game).

Blue lake!

Wizard island

Andy and I both packed poorly and had to buy Crater Lake themed items with sleeves.  We had a similar problem in Hawaii, where we had to buy Hawaii beach towels AND in Alaska where we didn't bring enough warm weather clothes!

S&A hiking

On the boat

The phantom ship doesn't look as ghostly close up

The Pinnacles

I ordered the "tofu vegetable tower" at the national park lodge---this is what arrived.

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Akemi said...

Tofu vegetable tower is my favorite!