Thursday, August 23, 2012

Uncategorized Iceland

We have more pictures, so why not post a few more?  


Leaving Reykjavik

I don't know what this poster is for, but I am pretty sure it was awesome.

Successful Apparel

Iceland is lousy with waterfalls

 See what I mean?

Driving to Hofn

Black sand beach (allegedly good for bird watching...we didn't stick around to find out due to the cold, windy, rain)

the restaurant at our hotel in Hofn had interesting pizzas (according to the guidebook---we didn't actually eat there)

Ocean near Hofn

Knafla Volcanic Area

Knafla Volcanic Area

The ground is hot!

Knafla Volcanic Area

Knafla Volcanic Area


Dirty said...

I'm going to be pretty bummed if one of you isn't wearing that t-shirt the next time I see you. "Attitude. Original." I wish it had exclamation points, but still, it's pretty amazing.

h.Lo said...

Love those lost in translation t-shirts. You see them all over Europe, too. You'd think the designers could have gotten somebody to proofread them.

Shawn said...

Love the shirt, and the "awesome" poster!

Average Woman Runner said...

So was the ground really hot?
E - I love how smiley you are in the pics!

Laura said...

Hi Elizabeth, your father sent us links to your blog yesterday. We're going back to Iceland in September, having first been there in late August four years ago.
We LOVE it and loved seeing the photos and reading your stories of your so recent trip.

Tina. said...

Dude. You're hilarious.